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Emergency & Vehicle Lockouts

Vehicle lockouts are considered an emergency and as such get the fastest response from our locksmiths on call 24/7. We are the Quickest in Portland, Oregon, get your car unlocked now!


It takes a special skillset, developed over decades of experience to successfully crack a safe. We have a wide range of experience with nearly every type of safe or combination lock on the market today.


ABC Lock and Safe provides rekey and lockout services for your home or office. Additionally, we can change the locks at your home or office for added security measures.

Commercial Locksmith Services

We have drivers out 365 days a year and 24/7. Even on holidays we know how important it can be to get back on the road or into a residence. We are the go to Portland locksmith for commercial work.

Local Locksmith Services

Quick To Respond

Nothing is worse than waiting around town for hours for a locksmith to show up. Quick arrival times when you call ABC Lock & Safe.

Communication & Updates

We stay in touch along every step of the way on every call we respond to. Get the answers and options you need!

Emergency Services

We offer emergency and lockout services. Let us know if you're situation is an emergency so we're aware of the situation and can help as best as possible.

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Safe Cracking

Auto Lockout


Portland Is Our Hometown & We Love It!

Working in and around the Portland area is something we’ve done now for three decades. Without a question, we’ll be here for the rest of our lives. No place we’ve visited every quite feels like it could even be home. We promise to treat you, your home, business and vehicles as good or better as we treat our own. Hope to see you soon out and about in our beautiful Portland.

About Us

About ABC Lock & Safe

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ABC Lock & Safe Locksmith is a Your Portland Locksmith With Integrity!

Getting the best locksmith in Portland can be a challenge, unless you understand exactly what goes into your local locksmith services. 

Over 40 years of knowledge in the specialized field of locksmithing, helping home and business owners alike. If you’re in need of a locksmith, you’re already panicked.

As Portland’s premier locksmith service, we can do anything from deadbolt repair/replacement, rekeying locks on home/rental properties, safecracking, key duplication, car/truck lockouts of all makes and models and so much more… No matter what you need, we’re there.

Frequently Asked Questions For Portland Locksmiths

On average, we are able to get to your location within 15 to 30 minutes. Depending on how far you are from our shop, times could be a little more. We are located in northeast Portland. Depending on where you call a locksmith from, we could take a little longer. As a reference we are located directly south of the local Portland airport. 

We have been unlocking safes for our entire time in business. Whether personal or the highest security safes in the world, you are in good hands when you call us. Often times, it may be worth considering contacting the safe company itself to see if they can assist though prior to calling a locksmith out. 

Most people would call a locksmith and make an appointment for the first available time slot. On average, this would run around $125 to $300 depending on what issues you have. Honda vehicles specifically are the most difficult for us. We only charge per hour for this service so if your issue is readily repaired then you would be on the lower end of the range of cost. 

ABC Lock & Safe has been offering services in Portland, Oregon for over 45 years. We are able to help you with any home or business locksmith needs. Including high security locks and push bar installation, there are many areas we can help you secure your location. 

If you are having problems with your trunk, it could be due to a faulty lock. This is  a service we often have gotten calls about. Some are able to be done through your electrical and some may be able to be picked on your trunk. It's always best if your vehicle is drivable to bring your car into the shop.

Many people in Portland need a locksmith for vehicles, homes, business needs or safe cracking. We can help you with any kind of lock or security system. Repairing locks and hardware is also a part of being a locksmith. Beware of the locksmith who pulls out a drill to just remove your lock. Usually, locks should be picked or unlocked to prevent more costly repairs. Drilling a lock is the very last option you should consider to open a stubborn lock.