Portland Safe Cracking

We’ve got you covered for all Safe Cracking

Our fully qualified and certified technicians will use the latest and most up to date methods to be quick and efficiently methods to opening any safe, as for safe repair ABC Lock and Safe Technicians will make sure your to get your safe operational quickly and the correct way we have in stock the Largest selection of safe parts on numerous brands Through this it allows us to have to provide efficient service for our customers. Safe moving can also be very troublesome especially without the right equipment but with ABC Lock and Safe we have some the best rigging and moving equipment available that can move any safe up to 600 lbs.

Fireboxes and miscellaneous lock-picking

We value your business, and treat our safe cracking clients with respect

Our locksmithing abilities here at ABC Lock and Safe go way beyond the typical locksmiths. Outside of our ability to crack nearly every safe we come across, we also harness the ability to provide you the access to your locked firebox, ATMs, furniture and file cabinets! If you can think of anything we haven’t listed here that you’ve managed to lock yourself out of, then please let us know! We pride ourselves in providing solutions for all business and residential locksmithing needs!