The SentrySafe SFW123GDC is a versatile and reliable safe that offers both fire and water protection for your important documents, valuables, and irreplaceable items. It’s a popular choice for homes and businesses alike, thanks to its combination of features and affordability.

Key Features:

  • Fire and Water Resistance:

    • Fire Resistance: The “SFW” in the model name indicates that the safe is designed to be fire-resistant. SentrySafe safes often come with a certain fire rating, denoting the amount of time the safe can withstand exposure to fire without damaging the contents. For example, a common rating might be 1 hour or more.
    • Water Resistance: The “W” in the model name signifies water resistance. This feature is designed to protect the contents of the safe from water damage in case of flooding or water exposure. SentrySafe safes often have a seal around the door to keep water out.
  • Electronic Lock:

    • The “GDC” in the model name suggests that this safe features an electronic lock. Electronic locks provide a convenient and secure way to access the safe by entering a PIN code. Some models may also have additional features like digital keypads, backlit displays, and the ability to program multiple user codes.
  • Security Features:

    • SentrySafe safes typically come with security features such as solid steel construction, pry-resistant hinges, and locking bolts to deter unauthorized access.
  • Interior Space:

    • The interior of the safe is designed to accommodate various items such as documents, digital media, jewelry, and other valuables. Adjustable shelving may be included for organization.
  • Bolt-Down Capability:

    • Some SentrySafe models, including the SFW123GDC, may have the option to be bolted down to prevent theft or unauthorized removal of the safe.
  • UL Certification: