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Fingerprint Wall Safe

Fingerprint wall safes offer a unique and discreet solution for securing your valuables. By integrating seamlessly into your wall, these safes provide a hidden storage option that is both secure and convenient.

Key Features:

    1. Biometric Fingerprint Lock:

      • The primary feature of this wall safe is the biometric fingerprint lock. Users can register their fingerprints to gain quick and secure access to the safe. Biometric locks offer convenient and reliable access without the need for keys or combinations.
    2. Wall-Mounted Design:

      • Being a wall safe, the PWS-1814E is designed to be mounted within the wall. This design allows for discreet installation, as the safe can be hidden behind a painting, mirror, or other wall-mounted items.
    3. Construction and Materials:

      • The safe is likely constructed with durable materials to ensure the security of its contents. This may include steel for the body and door, and it may have additional security features to resist tampering.
    4. Adjustable Shelves:

      • Wall safes often come with adjustable shelving to accommodate various items of different sizes. This allows users to organize the interior based on their storage needs.
    5. Override Options:

      • In case of emergency or if the fingerprint scanner malfunctions, the safe may have override options such as a backup key or a secondary access code.
    6. Interior Lighting:

      • Some wall safes, including the PWS-1814E, may feature interior lighting to improve visibility when accessing the safe’s contents.
    7. User Capacity:

      • The biometric lock may have the capability to store multiple fingerprints, allowing access for multiple users.
    8. Battery-Powered:

      • Biometric safes are typically powered by batteries, and the PWS-1814E is likely no exception. Ensure that the battery life is sufficient and consider if there’s a low-battery indicator.
    9. User Manual and Installation Guide:

      • The safe should come with a user manual and installation guide. These documents provide important information on setting up and using the safe.
    10. Warranty and Customer Support:

      • Check for warranty details and the availability of customer support for assistance with installation, troubleshooting, or any other inquiries.