Wall Safes

Recessed Wall Safes

Recessed wall safes are designed for discreet and space-efficient storage, as they are installed within the wall itself. These safes offer a hidden and secure solution for safeguarding valuables.

Key Features:

  • Flush Installation: These safes are installed flush with the wall, reducing visibility and creating a seamless appearance.
  • Space Efficiency: Recessed wall safes are space-efficient, making them suitable for areas with limited floor space.
  • Hidden Storage: The installation within the wall enhances the security by keeping the safe out of sight.

Surface-Mounted Wall Safes

Surface-mounted wall safes are designed to be attached directly to the wall surface, providing a secure and accessible storage option without the need for recessed installation. These safes are known for their convenience and ease of installation.

Key Features:

  • External Mounting: These safes are affixed to the surface of the wall, making them visible and easily accessible.
  • Quick Installation: Surface-mounted wall safes can be installed without the need for complex wall modifications.
  • Variety of Sizes: Available in different sizes to accommodate various storage needs.