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Working in Portland has been a blessing and a joy. Throughout the years we’ve been able to work in both our oldest and newest buildings. While it’s been a long journey, we’ve got plenty of years to go.

With our customers in mind, we’ve began to be extremely detailed online about each and every locksmith service we offer.

One of our most popular services that we get daily calls about is vehicle lockouts. It’s important to mention that if you have a child locked in your vehicle please tell us. We will make sure that even if we have to leave the job we’re on, we’ll get someone out as fast as possible. Please also let us know if your vehicle or you are not in a safe place. More information always help when dealing with an emergency locksmith service call.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Many of our services are offered as an emergency service. This includes any services completed after hours or on an urgent basis. They include:

  • Vehicle Lockouts
  • Safe openings after hours
  • Business calls to change locks or repair them
  • Rekey of a vehicle after keys are lost
  • Home Entry Issues
  • & More

We understand that for the most part, when you need a lock fixed or unlocked for you it may feel like an emergency. However, if you can wait until the next day or normal business hours this does mean the service will cost less. When at all possible, if you are safe, it may be best to consider calling in the daytime. We are always happy to respond though if your situation is an emergency requiring a locksmith. It’s never too late for us to help a neighbor is how we look at it.

Portland Home Locksmith Services

Residential Locksmith Services 

Each and every locksmith that would come out to work on your home has gone through two very important things. Background checks are the first important step, we will not hire or work with any locksmith that has even the smallest criminal record. To compromise your integrity, even once, means you may do this in the future. We can’t have that kind of issue in our residential locksmith services. Rest assured you are safe when you call ABC Lock & Safe. Secondly, every locksmith has underwent years of apprenticeship prior to being sent into the field alone. They are well trained and excited to assist you in rekeys or lock repairs. Whatever your home needs from a locksmith service, you are in good hands. 

Other Services

We also offer experienced safe cracking and commercial locksmith services. Our experienced Portland locksmith services team  makes sure that all your locksmith needs are covered 365 days a year.

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